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Please Note: Due to legal problems we are sadly unable to offer help to people who have obtained our software from either Mediaphor AG, related companies or from PC Welt Magazine. Our appologies go out to if you have any problems.

Frequently asked questions:

1) I just bought your superb piece of software, where's my key?

Our server generates and emails your key as soon as PayPal tells it that the purchase is complete. This is usually instantly. However, if you use the eCheck function of PayPal, it takes a few days. If your key is taking longer than you think it should, it may be because of your spam settings. For reasons I won't go into, our product name sometimes confuses spam software; it was first named in a more innocent time of the internet.

2) Are there any known issues I should know about with this version of Enlarger PRO?

No. Not one. Nothing at all. Please, if you do find any issues at all, let us know - we're getting bored doing nothing. Something to get our teeth into would be appreciated. Also note that due to this boredom, some of the questions on this page may not have been asked that frequently, if at all.

3) How much memory do I need to use your program?

We generally recommend at least 256MB RAM, more if you need to scale large input files by large scaling factors.

4) Enlarger PRO can take quite a while to enlarge my photos, can you speed it up?

It takes a while, because your computer is doing extremely complicated calculations, and millions of them. We do use multi-threaded programming to fully take advantage of multi-processor/hyper-threaded machines.

5) What is the extent of the enlargement I can do?

Enlarger PRO has a maximum setting of16x enlargement, however it is possible to run the output picture through the software a multiple times allowing huge enlargement factors.

6) What image types do you support?

We currently support BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EXIF, EMF and WMF files. Gray-scale and 24-bit RGB color are supported. If this doesn't fit your requirements, let us know and we'll try to incorporate your requests in a future release. We do, however, for legal reasons output PNG files when processing GIF files.

7) What causes pixelation?

Pixelation is caused by a digital image being too small to be printed smoothly. Printers print out each pixel as a small blocks of color, the smaller the blocks, the less our eyes notice them. A lot of magazines print out at resolutions of around 300 DPI, meaning that a 300 pixel by 300 pixel image would be printed out as a 1 inch square. This is generally a good resolution for quality. If the same picture was printed at 2" by 2", your printer would simply use larger blocks of colour. When these blocks become noticable to the eye, the output image is pixelated. Of course, if you enlarged the image using Enlarger PRO before sending it to the printer, it would still look like the original.

8) How does Enlarger PRO work then?

Not telling.

9) Were any animals harmed in the making of Enlarger PRO?

Not to our knowledge.

10) What is the natural habitat of the Bearded Frog?

Barbershop floors.